MAJIG the re-usable pipe jig

The MAJIG is designed to overcome troublesome “first pipe radiator fixing”, a newly patented and unique design it’s made from durable plastic and is completely re-usable.

  • The solution to all kinds of first pipe fixing, the Majig allows you to position radiator pipes in a flash, saving you time, money and stress.

  • The MAJIG can be used on finished or unfinished walls and when the pipes are in place, can be unscrewed, lifted off and used again.

    Plumbers and heating engineers often experience time delays due to the positioning and securing of both plastic and copper radiator pipes in the domestic, new build and commerical environment.
    This especially applies to the positioning of radiator pipes, as the distance between pipes as well as spacing from unfinished and finished walls are critical to the final project layout.
    The traditional way to resolve this problem is layering various thicknesses of wood attached to the wall, which is not efficient. The MAJIG solves all of these problems and makes first pipe fixing simple, easy and quick.